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Diabetes North Carolina


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North Carolina's Guide to Diabetes Prevention and Management 2015-2020

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DiabetesSmart, a Diabetes Self-Management and Education and Support Program

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Coordination of Diabetes Programs Bi-Annual Report

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AMA/CDC Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Toolkit for Providers

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

The Community Guide: Diabetes Prevention and Control: Combined Diet and Physical Activity Promotion Programs to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Among People at Increased Risk

National Adult Clinical Guideline Updates, June 2014

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One and Only Campaign

Prevent Diabetes STAT

Report of the Surgeon General and Best Practices Updates

Screening for Abnormal Blood Glucose and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Recommendation Statement

USPSTF Final Diabetes Screening Guideline: Questions & Answers


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There are four state laws that focus on North Carolinians with diabetes. One requires that diabetes supplies and education be covered by insurance S.L. 1997-225. Two others address school children with diabetes S.L. 2002-103. North Carolina was among the first states to enact this legislation and continues to look for avenues to advocate for people with diabetes through the Diabetes Advisory Council. The fourth law was passed during the 2013 Legislative Session and requires Public Health, the Division of Medical Assistance and the State Employee Health Plan to work together.

In 2009, the N.C. General Assembly strengthened S.L. 2002-103 by requiring charter schools to comply with state guidelines for school children with diabetes and annual reporting for all schools S.L. 2009-563.

In 2013, the N.C. General Assembly passed a Diabetes Collaboration Bill, S.L. 2013-192 which requires the State Health Department, Medicaid and the State Health Plan to develop a biannual report that describes the diabetes burden and how each entity is addressing diabetes, and makes recommendations about policy changes, including low and no-cost strategies to address diabetes.

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