Diabetes NC

Diabetes North Carolina

This site provides resources and information for the community, employers, health care providers and citizens to reduce the impact of diabetes in North Carolina. Learn to manage diabetes or target risk factors that lead to diabetes.

The Diabetes Advisory Council (DAC) will be accepting nominations for the DAC Awards May 24 - July 31, 2017. The DAC Awards recognize individuals and groups who have performed outstanding work in diabetes prevention and management. Self-nominations are welcome. Click here to learn more about the DAC and how to submit nominations.

Find a diabetes self-management or prevention program near you.

New diabetes prevention resources available online.

North Carolina's Guide to Diabetes Prevention and Management

The number of North Carolinians who have or who are at risk for diabetes is growing. The financial burden, human suffering and loss of productivity that are a part of this disease are real and will get worse if more people do not take action now. Find out what you can do to make a difference.

Faith Leaders Toolkit

Leaders in faith communities are in an important position to help people prevent type 2 diabetes and manage all types of diabetes. The Faith Leaders Toolkit is a resource to help faith leaders help others.