North Carolina Diabetes Advisory Council

2019 DAC Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2019 DAC Award Winners: Orange County Health Department’s Diabetes Self-Management Program, Jason Horay of Curi, Inc, Whitney Jezek of Onslow County Health Department, and Dr. Charles A. Cook of Raleigh Medical Associated Specialists. Thank you for your work in diabetes prevention and management.   Read more.

Click here for photos from the event.

The Diabetes Advisory Council (DAC) of North Carolina was created in 1984 as an advisory group to the Diabetes Prevention and Control program. The DAC works to reduce the burden of diabetes through coordination among the many stakeholders in diabetes control in North Carolina.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Educate and publicly validate early detection, treatment and self-management training for diabetes control, as a health priority for all North Carolinians.
  • Provide scientific credibility and public validity for new service priority areas and interventions based on evolving clinical and epidemiological studies and technology.
  • Foster interagency collaboration and networking for identification, utilization and expansion of resources for diabetes control services.
  • Evaluate, present and propose strategies for the control of diabetes in North Carolina in terms of assessed need, estimated costs, potential benefits and probability of success of each strategy.